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SLMDInc is supporting over 160 elementary school children, over 8 teachers and conducting and facilitating two leadership trainingworkshops serving over 200 youths every year in Sierra Leone.

Education is a basic human right, vital to personal and  societal  development.  All  children  deserve  quality  education  founded  on  a  rights-based  approach  and  rooted  in  the  concept  of  gender  equality.  A  rights-based  approach  to  education  will  address  socio-economic  inequalities  in  our  societies that are deep-rooted and often gender-based. Such inequalities exclude many children, particularly girls, from school or condemn them to educational experiences of very poor quality

More than 70% of Sierra Leone’s six million people are considered illiterate and not able to receive an adequate education which limits their knowledge base, skills, and the ability to compete in today’s economy.

Post-war conditions are not any better today, as teaching quality, building conditions, school materials, classroom tools, and affordability of fees make it difficult for most children to achieve a minimum quality education. Early education is the key to better economic opportunities, healthier families, individual freedom, and empowerment. Yet, hundreds of school-age children in Sierra Leone don’t have access to educational facilities, learning resources, or even basic school supplies. We are passionate about inspiring young minds at an early age.

Education in Sierra Leone

  • 48.4% of Sierra Leoneans are illiterate
  • The percentage of illiterate persons is higher among females (56.1%) as opposed to males (40.5%)
  • More than five out of 10 people aged 30 years and above are illiterate
  • 50% of the population 15 years and above had never been to school
  • Close to 35% of the primary school age population was not enrolled in school at the official age

Source: Statistics Sierra Leone